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All about the jamz

Let's swap recordings
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Upon joining, you must upload (one of your) favorite records. Please make posts FRIENDS ONLY. I'll be making public posts just to give people a preview of the goodies inside. Contribution is critical to keeping something like this going, so continued membership will be based on how well you continue bringing quality tunes to the community.

No genre will be discriminated against. DIVERSITY OF CONTRIBUTION IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Two modes of entries are encouraged:
(1) Links to uploaded music (Please include picture of album and tracklisting)
(2) Request for recs (List some stuff you like, and people will help you find some more stuff you might like)

!If you know anyone with some decent taste and a big collection get 'em to join up!

Here's how we share for all those new to this sort of piracy:

- Use winRar to compress the folder to an archive
- Upload the archive file to an upload website like rapidshare.de, yousendit.com, or quickdump.com
- Post the link you get from the site
- Then, on the receiving end, people can uncompress the music with winRar and revel in its goodness
music!, the jamz